Up here in Canada, there’s a whole lot of hand wringing going on about income tax splitting schemes in our august house of parliament. Seems some elected officials believe that we shouldn’t get a break because gas prices are falling and Target and Sony are leaving. One hand clapper went so far as to say that income splitting would give “money that you have not actually received yet and our country can’t afford to give you.” I guess so. If the money is pilfered at source and frittered away on a bunch of bollocks. That wouldn’t even make it a tithe; it would mean we’re working for free, which is more than the soon to be unemployed 17,000 at Target can say. Maybe our elected officials know something we don’t? Or maybe they just shop at the other place.

Good Friday. Stay Above It.


Falling Down in the Blogosphere

Once upon a time, I thought I was savvy.  I had a pretty decent handle on current affairs, could rap credibly along with my teenagers to the latest  gangsta, and ramble at length on the culture of Netflix, why it mattered and what impact it would have on the world at large. And then I tried to build a web site and it all fell apart. Maybe I’m pushing myself too hard. I wasn’t born knowing about widgets, or which themes supported custom headers. I really want a cool slider image on my home page, but Goran won’t let me, and I can’t figure out how to resize my fonts. What to do? It would be so easy to reach for the Kleenex box, throw up my hands, or pitch my plastic Tim Horton’s cup against the wall, but I won’t. I have YOUTUBE and hundreds of hours of “how to” videos to show me the way. Hmmm. But if I do that, I won’t blog. And then there’s the matter of the short story anthology I want to contribute to, and the blog tour I want to jump on in support of good friends at Solstice Publishing http://solsticepublishing.com/ My website can’t be that bad; I’m a newbie afterall. Mea culpa. Phooey on the videos. I’m going to call my sister, the imminently talented Cryssa Bazos http://cryssabazos.com/ who’s website is luverly, and who will teach me hands on if only to silence my desperate, neurotic yawp: Why can’t I do this? I’m calling her right now. Oh yeah, and I totally want to post her link. She lives in the 17th Century, which I think is extremely funky. http://cryssabazos.com/fiction/novel-excerpts/