Freezer balls, festive logs and tobogganing is dangerous

I have nothing against new ideas. It’s just keeping up  and co-opting them that’s challenging. Take for example global warming. Not a new idea. Some even say its an inaccurate one. We’re not getting warmer, we’re just…evolving…into something else…or something. Whatever the case, the only evidence of winter I have seen so far in my Ontario home lives in my freezer. Last year, we got buried under ice. Without heating or lights for a week, we who live together swore that we’d never have another winter as bad as that again. And we haven’t. In fact, we haven’t had a winter at all. Which is why–I suppose–we keep snow balls in the freezer next to the festive log we picked up on sale around holiday time, and can still have at a reduced price. I found more in the throw out bin at the bargain mart. During January Time, old thoughts of fondue and ski shacks have given way to summer vacation dreams. Why not? Seems so close. And yet the youngsters at the local school are packing their bags for a ski trip to Quebec. Personally, I’m beside myself for them. Rumor has it, there’s snow there. Only, snow balls and tobogganing are forbidden because they’re more dangerous than skiing. The lawyers said so. Another idea to digest. I look out at the bright sun and blue sky and surrender my cynicism to the new order. In that spirit, I’m going to take my freezer ball and throw it somewhere safe.

Good Monday. Stay above it. ABF

The festive log can now be had for even less. But beware, they don't burn well in the fireplace.
The festive log can now be had for even less. But beware, they don’t burn well in the fireplace.