SPOTLIGHT: Murder and Mayhem with Author K. A. Meng

Welcome to Spotlight, where I’ll be posting at random, indie and small to mid-size press books as they come my way. Today, I begin with author K. A. Meng. We met through Solstice Publishing. Ms. Meng likes to rip her pages with gunshots and bumps in the night. Her latest stays true to form. 

The First Scheme-001One murder, one plan, two possible outcomes.

The sound of a gunshot pulls Joann Fields from a peaceful sleep into a living nightmare. Her husband David is bleeding from a bullet lodged in his chest. She tries to save him, but she passes out instead.

Joann barely regains consciousness before two detectives arrest her for the murder. She turns to the only man who can help her, reporter Mike Carroll. With the evidence piling-up against her, can Mike save her from prison or is she part of some elaborate conspiracy? 


About the Author


Profile2K. A. Meng lives in North Dakota, in the same town she grew up. Her love for the paranormal started at a young age when she saw her first ghost. 

Today, she spends her time writing paranormal romance, fantasy, and everything in-between. When life drags her away from it, she hangs out with her son and friends, goes to movies, watches TV, plays board games, walks her dogs, and reads books. She is actively involved in two writing groups and wishes to some day visit Disney World. 


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