SATC posterONE OF THE JOYS of Winter Break is that I get to holiday too! While the kids hang out, I order take out and rewatch one of my favorite guilty pleasures, the now out-dated and outrageously politically incorrect Sex and the City.

SATC turned me on to sky high heels back in the day. They shoes and sockswere great fun and I could actually run in them! But life intervened and Uggs moved in.

My trek down memory lane brought it all back, and as I struggled to retrain my feet back into these beauties, I wondered what the show’s principals were up to now.

Turns out they’re up to a lot–new shows, clothing lines, charitable works–and all no thanks to the mountains of criticism heaped against them. Who can know for sure if they snipe at one another behind the scenes. The only impact a feud could have would be on future SATC project development, and those who saw and cared about the re-boot of Gilmore Girls knows that digging up the bones and reanimating the body isn’t always a great idea.

Which brings me to the stuff being hurtled at the actors. Apparently, they got–shiver me timbers–O-L-D, an unforgivable offense given that wrinkle creams, Juviderm, Botox and microlifts are supposed to work.


I can relate. I have, on occasion, used the #FloorSelfieFaceLift with great results, but it doesn’t prevent another birthday.

Critics be damned. I love SATC the second time around. It’s good, stupid fun. And that’s what holidays are all about.

Happy Winter Break, everyone!

Adult, unapologetic and wholly cognizant,

I am,

A. B. Funkhauser

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