Look Who Dropped By Today: A.B. Funhhauser

Four days to go before SCOOTER NATION drops. In anticipation, I take a few questions from friend and fellow author Susanne Matthews.

Living the Dream

Good morning,. My guest on Living The Dream today is fellow Canadian and Solstice author, A.B.Funkhauser, here to tell you about her latest reliease Scooter Nation.

  1. IMG_20160108_214128_0What’s new, A.B.?

Everything! I just finished the trailer for the new book and I have to say that a lot of the plotting came from my new membership in the Sisters in Crime-Toronto Chapter organization. I met some of the members at a book convention last November and we just hit it off. They invited me in to join their organization  even though I’m a mixed genre writer, which was kind of gratifying in that I was the kid who never got picked for the team back in grade school. *laughs* This caused me take a second look at SCOOTER NATION. In the end, I could see subtexts that weren’t consciously present before! I’ve been asked to speak to the group this summer…

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