Today I have a script…

Forty words to sum up 65,000

A jazz aficionado.


Patron of the arts.

And unremitting sonofabitch.




Trapped in a funeral parlor.

With ugly art.

And a boozy funeral director.

Must get out.

But how?

Only the lamp knows.

But what about music?

Before the book trailer, there is the dream every writer has; that of seeing his or her work up on the big screen. What follows naturally after dream casting (more on that later) is the dream soundtrack. I have some ideas that cover everything from country music to down

Live at the Acropolis (1992) remains my favorite of his albums.
Live at the Acropolis (1992) remains my favorite of his albums. Photo: Creative Commons Share Alike 2.0 Generic Wikimedia

an’ dirty Rolling Stones riffs.  For now, I’d like to share the end credits. Picture this: a black screen with scrolling titles backed by the ethereal Until the Last Moment by Yanni. This haunting piano piece reflects beautifully, the tormented-demented relationship that defines Enid Krause and Jurgen Heuer over three decades and across the great divide. Sad and joyful at the same time, this piece encompasses longing, hope, release and, finally, peace: a perfect combination for two people searching for each other, but never quite connecting.

Next time: The Trailer

Final draft, with some cool jazz. I had so much fun with this, I’m making another. COMING NEXT WEEK….


 In the lead up to Presales on March 26th, I thought a quick teaser was in order. The script came on fast enough…the final result exceeded all of my expectations:

But there were interviews too, and to spruce up the radio voice, I added images from my private collection as well as some snappy video pieces from Animoto:


Next up: an audio reading from Chapter One in time for Launch Day on April 23rd.




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