Behind every idea, behind every word, there’s a pitch. The pitch makes the art…

A good blip ad grabs attention. A great blip ad wins a reader. In the months following the 2015 release of HEUER LOST AND FOUND, I had as much fun creating these adverts as I did completing the next manuscript. Each activity seemed to go hand in glove; one feeding the other.

What is the book about? Get it into a Twitter sized window pane and you know.


Do a few of these, and very soon it becomes apparent what the book might be about…
Back Stair
HEUER LOST AND FOUND has two protagonists: Enid Krause, the self-doubting mortician, and Jurgen Heuer, the man she used to love. Both have secrets; both struggle to keep them.
Elevator Ad
One of the exciting ‘post production’ aspects of bringing HEUER to market was the ads and the decisions behind what images to use. The funeral home elevator evokes so many things, chief among them, a long trip down…
Though not in every scene, Heuer’s LAMP is crucial if only to reinforce the themes of isolation and loss. She talks, she chastises, and like him, wants a way out…
Ghost Chevelle Goodreads Ad
HEUER was tough to categorize in the beginning. Humorous, tortured, sad, eccentric, romantic, even vicious. What genre is that? AMAZON chose HORROR & HUMOR; the best way, I suppose, to summon up what one reader has called ‘funny, quirky and sooooo different.’
back door AD
It made sense that a reverence for history and an inherent need to preserve the past would go hand in hand with my work as a mortician and writer. The ‘backdoor’ is so important to me in many ways. Symbolically, it’s the gateway to whatever is behind it; personally, it is a reminder of where I come from. This door was real. I crossed it everyday that I worked there. It belongs to history now.
Back Stair
The back staircase, again. Like the back door, it was real and I walked up and down it several times. Like the elevator, the stairs represent a journey–this time, ‘up’. Look for me, HEUER asks as he whispers into Enid’s ear. What we leave behind after possessions are people to remember us. HEUER knows this now…
Chevelle Ad
HEUER the lawyer is many things: spirit, man, comic avenger. He is also a car guy. The Chevelle, tarped and neglected in HEUER LOST AND FOUND, figures prominently in the prequel THE HEUER EFFECT. Look for it in 2018.
Enid - Copy
Poor tortured Enid is not quite what she seems. Why is she so bereft and where does her guilt come from? Look for the clues in HEUER LOST AND FOUND. Find the answers in THE HEUER EFFECT.
eyes - Copy
Embalmer Enid Krause and the deceased Jurgen Heuer have history. How they both percieve it is as wild as the circumstances they now find themselves in.
Empty Room Ad
Thirteen year old Enid had never seen a car like it. Never mind the man driving it.
eyes ad marissa
They were together for years. Then it was over, and she had no idea why…
Well read, cynical, and infinitely patient, Jurgen Heuer haunts the funeral home basement waiting for whatever comes next…